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The time to find a new accountant is now

I saw these bluebells while I was out walking my crazy spaniels this morning. I stopped for a few minutes to admire them because I know that they will soon be gone for another year. It made me think about the importance of doing things while you’ve got the chance. I tend to put things off because everything needs to be perfect. Not very healthy and something I am working on.

I have learnt that….

version one is better than version none

(thank you, James Ashford)

In a Xero survey of 1,200 small businesses, a paltry 30% said that they would recommend their accountant and only 27% of those asked said they were considering finding a new one. You’ve read that right, 840 people who would not recommend their accountant but only 324 were “thinking about” a move. The main complaints I hear are that people don’t feel known, valued, or supported. We know our customers: their hopes and fears, how their kids got on in their A levels, what their dog ate and how much the vet bill was. We support them at every opportunity whether that’s sharing their social media posts, putting them in touch with service providers, or proofreading an email.

Our Quick Query service (a fantastic idea we learned from Mark Telford) lets clients book in a call with their account manager about ANYTHING even if it’s not a service they pay for. We want to be accessible and use a booking system linked to our diaries. Client pick a time and we call them.

Are you one of the 324? Treading water with no one to throw you a life-vest? Do you want a relationship with your accountant that means you are known, valued and supported? If you want to see how good it can be, seize the moment and talk to us.

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