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“technology and tools are useful and powerful when they are your servant and not your master”

Stephen Covey

Client Services


We use Calendly to get rid of all those emails trying to find a time to talk that suits everyone.  You can use Calendly to book a Quick Query call using the link in our email footers.  You can keep in touch with your Account Manager – whether that be a telephone call, a remote meeting (we use Goto) or a face-to-face meeting.  Calendly can also handle meetings with 3 or more attendees.

There is no need for you to download any software and you will receive reminders before the meeting allowing you to reschedule if your availability has changed.

My WorkPapers

The MyWorkpapers Client Portal enables us to interact with you in a secure platform to make it easy to exchange documents when we are completing the work for your year-end accounts and tax return.  MyWorkpapers also allows all parties to track of outstanding matters, and keep a trail of correspondence.


If you outsource your accounting function to us, we will use Slack to keep operational comms flowing as if we were sat at the desk next to yours.  Emails have their place but instant messaging

Accounts & Tax


Access to your accounts is available anywhere with an internet connection, either from your desktop or the mobile app.  You can send sales invoices directly to customers, and we will connect Xero to your bank accounts via a direct feed to import transactions.  There are standard inventory & fixed asset modules with the option of adding a CIS component.  Xero will also connect to 700+ third party apps including all the ones we use.


We invest in a high quality software package for the preparation of your accounts and tax returns.  This ensures that we work as efficiently as possible and provides you with superior reports and computations.

Data & Communication

Dext Prepare

This is a great application that allows you to upload all of your supporting documentation in one of the following ways

  • take a photo on your mobile device
  • scan and upload it
  • email it directly into the app using your personalised Dext Prepare email
  • fetch it straight from the your online account with the supplier e.g. Amazon, BT, EE.

It is more secure than posting, less time-consuming than delivering it in person and provides an efficient platform for us to review the data prior to uploading it into your bookkeeping software.  The result is accounts that are complete, accurate and timely.

As a positive side effect when it comes to preparing your VAT return, business accounts and tax return, we will not need to ask you as many questions because we have the source data.


We replaced our previous document management & approval software because clients found it hard to navigate – we are pleased to report that everyone has been positive about how easy it is to upload paperwork, fill out forms and E-sign documents securely in Senta.

Dext Commerce

Formerly known as Greenback before joining the Dext family, Dext Commerce is the solution for E-commerce businesses looking to integrate their various sales platforms with their accounting software.


Where you need something more bespoke or an integration is “on the roadmap”, Zapier allows you to automate tasks and links between your systems.

Payments & Expenses

Dext Prepare Advanced Expenses

This is a tool used to automate the creation, population and completion of Employee Expense Reports.  Specific users are assigned to sign off on other employees’ expenses before they are marked as completed and published to Xero, ready to be paid as part of either the payroll or supplier payment processes.

Telleroo & Modulr

These are E-Money Accounts regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  We will help you to set up your accounts, which will then be linked to Xero and BrightPay (APIs and file transfers) to enable approved payments to suppliers and employees.  You save time by making one transfer to your E-Money Account rather than separate payments to individual people and organisations.  The risks of making manual payments are mitigated by using APIs, electronic files, built-in controls and audit trails.


Dext Prepare Advanced Expenses

Xero has its own Making Tax Digital VAT filing function and this would be our first choice. For those businesses that need something more, we use the TaxCalc VAT Filer bridging software.

Payroll & CIS


BrightPay is a cloud-based payroll software package.  It is our preferred solution due to its superior functionality, flexibility and the way in which it integrates with accounting packages & pension provider online portals.

BrightPay Connect

This is an online self-service portal enabling automated backups and online accessibility.

Within the employee’s self-service portal, employees can access and retrieve payslips and other documentation. They can also view and update personal information, such as their phone number or address. The self-service portal also includes an employee calendar, allowing employees to view past and scheduled leave – they can use it to request annual leave.

Reporting is also integrated with BrightPay Connect. All reports can be viewed from within the employer self-service portal and you can see the record of payments made and amounts still due to HMRC.

Company Secretarial

Inform Direct

We have not been disappointed by this cloud-based company secretarial software, which integrates directly with Companies House and allows us to securely manage your company registers, shares, and dividends on your behalf.

Registered Office (UK) Ltd

We can arrange for the registered office of your trading company/LLP to be recorded at one of the addresses offered by Registered Office (UK) Ltd of which 4 are in London and 2 are in Ipswich.

Forecasts & Analysis


We have tried out a number of different software packages but for now at least, we think spreadsheets are still the most effective solution especially when you harness the power of vlookups and pivot tables.  You have got to love a good WHATIFS function.

Dext Precision

Dext Precision is a toolkit of intelligent data cleanup, bookkeeping and compliance tools. We will use cleanup and insight tools to spot anomalies, duplicates and historical changes. We will track your business’s data health, performance metrics and key liabilities with customisable calculations.

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