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How much do you charge for a job that takes 10 minutes?

Last night I saved someone £1,256 in tax.  It took me 10 minutes.

Wow I hear you say – 10 minutes!

Actually it took me 2 professional qualifications, 2,500 hours of Continued Professional Development (technical training) and 30 years of practical experience.

At Composure we do not bill according to time – just as well if you were thinking of pricing it up on the basis of the 30 years that I have been an accountant.

On principle, we do not use value pricing for tax work.  We do not set our fees based on the tax savings we generate.  Our advice is based on the law and context.  The pricing methodology we use is based on transaction volumes and, most importantly, complexity.  We speak plain English and present our fees transparently.  Fees are reviewed regularly and, because they are fixed, there are no nasty surprises for our clients either.

So what did I charge the person that saved £1,256?  Well, it was my Dad so you’ll be pleased to know that it was on the house.  If you’d like to be calm, confident and in control of your finances (which is how it feels to have a tax accountant for a daughter) please get in touch with Composure today.

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