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How do we standardise without losing touch?

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As a firm of accountants, the benefits of standardising our processes are clear with efficiency and consistency at the top of the list. It strengthens our power to control the quality of our output which mitigates risk for our clients.  Our team members can learn faster, multi-skill and be better at what they do. We can use the resources we have to their fullest.

Our clients will be happier, right?

But (always a but) there’s a fine balance between the healthy outcomes of standardisation and removing the humanity from how we work.  The clients who come to us have chosen people over machines. If we then behave with the same responsiveness as a plank of wood, why would they choose to stay with us?

Especially as it costs more to work with humans than feeding data into software like sausage meat.

How do we retain our humanity?

First and foremost, keep a mindset of always doing what’s best for our clients. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we say “yes” to everything. We are the experts at what we do and it’s our job (and duty) to pass that knowledge and experience on to our clients.

But we also have to listen. If we aren’t ready to learn, we’ll soon become obsolete. If we can’t flex, it won’t be long until we don’t fit. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Last week we asked a very busy client what day he sets aside for his admin work. Turns out it’s a Wednesday so we’ll send him his queries last thing Tuesday so he has them there at a time that works with his schedule. Imagine we sent them on a Thursday – how blinkered would that be?

Are we what you’ve been looking for?

If you want to make the best use of tech while working with a human being that you can actually talk to and who actually listens, then come and talk to us. Last week another one of our clients described his team as ACCESSIBLE. We could not be happier.

Start HERE with our contact form which gives you the chance to tell us about you and your business.

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