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Mandy began her Accountancy career with a firm of Chartered Accountants in Reigate, where she discovered that she enjoyed the variety of challenges that a large client-base supplies.

She later moved to the finance departments of Air Europe and Bristow Helicopters to obtain some corporate experience.

After she had her two daughters, she decided to offer financial support to her self-employed friends and small, local businesses, who needed help with their accounts and tax returns.

It is no surprise then that in her role at Composure, she works with our sole traders and property investors. She enjoys dealing with the personalities and the diversity this provides.

Away from work, Mandy’s main interests are music and sport, although she is not particularly adept at either. She is, however, an experienced armchair fanatic and real-life spectator of both.

She plays the piano and violin to a fairly average standard (Carolyn says: Mandy plays the piano beautifully and doesn’t like to make Carolyn feel bad) and thinks that music is good for the soul.  She includes many genres in her list of favourites, believing that people should not be restricted to a type or worried if they think a choice is not cool.

Mandy enjoys watching football, rugby, cricket and athletics – well most sports really.  Many, many years ago she sat next to Gareth Southgate at an FA Cup semi-final and remembers commenting on how smart he looked in his burgundy blazer.

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